About Me
Anna Dalea, Web Designer and Owner of ERT Website Solutions

I reside and work in Thousand Oaks. I graduated from Cal Polytechnic University of Pomona, California with a bachelors in Psychology in 2004. During that time I had also started coursework in Computer repair, and Network+ repair (and received my certifications in both). I then went on and completed my coursework in web design. I started my business in 2006, here in Thousand Oaks, and have been developing websites ever since.

When I first started my business, I opened it as an Emergency Repair Technician (hence E.R.T.) mobile service. However, there were far more clients requesting websites than computer repair. So it landed me here, and I absolutely love what I do!

I specialize in LOCAL businesses in Thousand Oaks and believe in "keeping it local" and helping our local businesses to flourish online. Recently, I discovered the new technology of designing with a "Mobile First" mentality and converting old and outdated websites into Responsive sites. It has become a passion of mine since learning about this new technique, mainly because it is the way of the future! I discuss this in more depth both on my home page but also in my blog.

I also specialize in Adaptive and Responsive design. I am hoping to get more and more clients to start thinking Mobile First and evolving their sites so that as a community, we are all better equipt to deal with whatever new technology comes at us next. Being up-to-date online is so important, and I'm here to help our community get ready for the inevitable changes that will occur in the next few years regarding mobile.

On the design end I work with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. On the development end I work with PHP, MySQL and databases. I am also proficient in WordPress, the leading CMS blogging site.

My background in Psychology has been indispensable to my work with web design and development, in that both Psychology and Web Design attempt to understand people and how they react, behave and operate to stimuli. I am constantly researching and reviewing articles in Psychology journals to keep up-to-date on the psychology behind user behavior, which fosters my drive to provide the best user experience possible.

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